York Stone

York Stone Flags and Stone Paving Products

Reclaimed Yorkstone flags are a speciality of ours. We have tons of square meters in stock at our yards across the UK. We have such a wide range, from York Stone Flags, Reclaimed York Stone and more. If you want a product that will really stand the test of time, then you have to go with York stone flags.

Reclaimed York Stone comes from the quarries in the Northern Moors and they are common across the country. Used in London’s fantastic Trafalgar Square and throughout many other cities and towns in the UK.

Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving will last you hundreds of years, probably thousands. So you have no worries about it being the right stone for your project. It’ll stand the test of time. The majority of the Reclaimed York Stone we supply is well over 100 years old, making it ideal as a match for existing projects, or it’ll work beautifully for new projects.

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